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An expert dealing with virtual CDROM images
What VcdromX does...
  • Create virtual CDROM image of FCD/VCD/ISO and many other formats, with flexible control over CDROM image contents. Supports bootable CDROM image
  • Explore and edit the contents of existing virtual CDROM images
  • Convert virtual CDROM images between different formats
  • Insert  preset virtual CDROM image and launch predefined program automatically
  • Support Fantom CD/Logicraft Virtual CDROM/Daemon Tools/Paragon CD Emulator, and many other virtual CDROMs
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A Powerful Clipboard Utility
What CopiXP does...
  • Copy any text information from normal Windows dialogs and HTML web pages, including hidden password, text, and  the class and handle of any Windows controls, which would be  usually difficult to copy
  • Provide up to 10 Clipboards: all of them are completely identical with  the original Windows Clipboard,  independent with any particular application. Automatically save and restore contents of each clipboard between Windows sessions
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