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VcdromX is a powerful tool dealing with virtual CDROM images professionally. The latest version is V4.1
New features in VcdromX 4.1  
  • Fixed a bug releated with DBCS folder name in V4.0
  • XP style menu and dialog
  • Quick access to CDROM image from Windows Explorer context menu
  • Build bootable CDROM image
  • Extract bootable information from CDROM image, CDROM or floppy disk
  • Open files in CDROM image in the way of Windows Explorer
Main features of VcdromX  
  • Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP
  • Build VCDROM image: Build VCDROM image of various formats from selective files and directories, no matter wherever these files and directories are originally located. Screen Shot
  • Explore VCDROM image. Screen Shot
  • Convert VCDROM image: Convert VCDROM image from one format to another. Screen Shot
  • VCDROM Assistant: Automatically insert predefined VCDROM image into virtual CDROM Drive and automatically launch the predefined program after that VCDROM image is inserted. Screen Shot
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