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1. I have created an FCD file using VcdromX. How do I open and use it?
A: To open and use FCD file (or VCDROM files of other type), you should install a virtual CDROM program. This has been stated in VcdromX help document. There are many kinds of virtual CDROM programs available on this website, please see "Download".

2. I'm using Logicraft's virtual CDROM. But the system often crashes when it accesses virtual CDROM. What's the matter?
A: Logicraft's virtual CDROM is really excellent. In order to run it properly, you should turn off CDROM "read-ahead" in the Win9X System control panel. (Go to the Performance tab, click on the File System button, and then click on the CD-ROM tab.)

3. I'm using Logicraft's virtual CDROM and I have created an FCD file from virtual CDROM. But the FCD file newly created is unusable. What's wrong?
A: To build FCD file from virtual CDROM, you must check "Use sector read scan method" when you run BuildVCD program!!!

4. I use the "Fix VCDROM" function in VcdromX to empty some files. But I find those files should have been emptied still there, even their size are unchanged!
A: "Empty file" is not the same as "Remove file". Removing file from VCDROM will inevitably change the entire directory structure of that VCDROM, but "empty file" doesn't. As you know, some programs (especially games) require their CDROM directory structure unchanged in order to run properly. VcdromX empty unused files, which would result in smaller compressed VCDROM size while keeping directory structure unchanged.

5. I have created an XCD file, how to use it?
A:The XCD file (VcdromX document) is not a VCDROM file, it only contains the directory information you defined in a VcdromX session. What you can do with it is to open it in VcdromX and build a real VCDROM file based on the information it contains.

6. How do I know if you received my registration fee and when you sent me my registration file?
A: I usually send users the registration files on the day I receive their registration fee. User can make Inquiry Online of registration status at any time.

7. More questions?
A: Please join our Forum for quick answers. Or post your question there to seek for answer from other user.

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